Greeting Card Designers - Additional information

Updated 11 November 2010

Submitting Designs

We are asking designers to submit their designs via email to There are several guidelines you must follow for image resolution, fonts, logos, etc… which are all detailed below.

We will accept card designs for all occasions, but since the Holiday season is fast approaching, we would like to stress our need for Holiday cards and everyday occasion cards like Birthdays, Thank You, Best Wishes, Sympathy / Condolences etc...

All files should be submitted as Photoshop files, submissions will go through a review process. Once approved, we will create your card templates and publish them to the site. Download the Photoshop template file zipped - 224kb

Please note submitting Photoshop files is a temporary process, in the very near future designers will be able to login to their account and create their own templates using our design studio. Designs will still need to pass a review process before being available for sale. When you login to the site, you will be able to view your card templates, create new templates, delete template, view sales for each template, and view your earned commission to date.

When saving your design in Photoshop, please make sure the option ICC Profile is checked in the Save Dialog (underneath where you specify the filename), as highlighted in red below
ICC Profile checked

Please also compress / zip your photoshop files before emailing them to us. There are a number of free zip applications available, for example


Designs must not infringe on copyright and trademark laws. All designs must be your own original work.

Front cover

  • Full freedom of design and color (note: subject to review)

Inside pages

  • Text and/or images on the inside of the card is allowed
  • It is best to maintain a white background

Back cover

  • The back of the card cannot be modified and will contain the Pamit Cards logo, other details related to the card, and the designers logo/signature (see logo information below)

Dimensions & Bleed


  • All card designs are to be 5 x 7 inches (in either portrait or landscape format)
  • When creating your designs, please allow for bleed and safe margins, see below


  • A 1/8” border must be added to pictures and designs bleeding to the edge, so that there is no white space or border showing around the artwork.
  • It is also important to keep text at least a 1/4” away from the paper edge or the trim line to prevent accidental cropping.


  • When text elements are incorporated into your card designs, it is important to think of them as either graphical/artistic text (part of the design) or personalized text (text which customers can modify).
  • Personalized text must use the following fonts


  1. Apple Garamond
  2. Arial
  3. Avalon
  4. Baroque Script
  5. BeteNoirA
  6. Bullpen 3D
  7. Candara
  8. Centabel Book
  9. Century Gothic
  10. Charter BT
  11. Copperplate Gothic Light
  12. Covington
  13. Dreamspeak
  14. Dustismo Roman
  15. DustismoNEW
  16. Electrofied
  17. ESP
  18. Final Frontier
  19. Forgotten Futurist
  20. HavingWrit
  21. Impact
  22. Lucida Blackletter
  23. MadisonSquare
  24. Morpheus
  25. Times New
  26. Verdana

Logo or Signature

  • Your logo/signature should not exceed 2.5” x 1.25”
  • Rasterized text or logos should be 1200 dpi


  • All images and pictures should be 300 dpi
  • Rasterized text or logos should be 1200 dpi
  • Screen values should be between 133 lpi and 150 lpi
  • Images should not exceed 1500 x 1125 pixels and should be resized before submitting

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What format do you accept samples in?
- Samples can be provided in either PDF or JPEG
- The card should be designed for 5 * 7" in portrait orientation
- The resolution should be at least 300 dpi
- RGB will be converted to CMYK 4-color printing
- For cards which can be personalised the font should be one of the following: !The Black Bloc, Apple Garamond, Arial, Century Gothic, Avalon, BabelSans, Candara, BeteNoirA, Bullpen 3D, Caslon224 Bk BT, Caxton Bk BT, CentSchbook BT, Charter BT, Copperplate Gothic Light, Covington, Credit Valley, Dreamspeak, DustismoNEW, Dustismo Roman, ESP, Electrofied, Forgotten Futurist, Guadalupe, HavingWrit, Impact, Lucida Blackletter, MadisonSquare, Morpheus, Times New, Verdana

Q. Do you have a template for designing the cards?
A. Please download and use this template:

Photoshop template file zipped - 224kb
Photoshop template file not-zipped - pamit_master_portrait.psd 3.2mb

Q. Where should I send samples?
A. Please send them by email to

Q. How much commission will I be paid?
A. Initial commission per greeting card sold will be $0.50 CAD

Q. Are you planning to offer more than the initial commission level then?
A. We are planning to introduce multiple levels of commission, the commission levels will be based on a number of factors, to include the number of cards sold by a designer and the overall rating of a designers work from customers who have purchased their designs.

Q. That doesn't seem like a lot of money?
A. Although fifty cents isn't a lot of money on its own, if you were to sell a 1,000 cards, that would earn you $500 CAD. Greeting cards are a mass market product, almost any adult with access to the internet could be a potential purchaser of your design. Annually in Canada alone there are over 600 million units of greeting cards sold.

Q. That still doesn't seem like a lot of money!?
A. Please bear in mind that when you create a design, say for example to celebrate a birthday of fifty years, it should be easy to replicate that design for similar milestone birthdays, twenty, thirty, fourty, sixty etc.

Q. When will you pay out commissions to designers?
A. Initially we are planning to pay out when commissions reach $25 CAD. (Equviallent of selling 50 greeting cards.)

Q. How much will it cost to be a designer?
A. We don't charge you as a designer for creating an account and publishing your designs on our site. The service will remain free for designers and you will be able to close your account and remove your designs at any time.

Q. How will people find my designs on your site?
A. Every designer will have their own gallery featuring all their designs. Also each card will be categorised into popular occassions like Christmas, Birthdays etc.

Q. How easy will this be and what if I need more help?
A. The service will be easy to use, once your account is created, you will be able to upload your designs. When we launch the site and service we will provide more help and resources as required.

Q. Can I purchase my own designs and earn myself a commission?
A. Yes you can purchase your own designs and either have them mailed back to you or mailed to another reciepient. You will still earn a commission on your card sales, payable in the normal way.

Q. How long will it take to make my designs available on your site?
A. All designs will be approved by Pamit, this process should take less than 24 hours during the business week (Monday - Friday). While a design is not approved it will not be visible on the site or available to purchase.

Q. Who owns the copyright to the designs?
A. All copyright of the design will belong to you as the designer, by uploading your design, you are agreeing to make the design available for purchase on our site. In the future we may expand the service to offer a limited number of prints availble per design.

Q. I make cards by hand, can you accept them?
A. We're sorry we can't accept physical cards, all designs need to be digital, we only print a card once it has been ordered.

Please note the above information is subject to change and is in no way binding. We will publish full Terms and Conditions for designers when the service is launched. While we are working to launch our service we will regularly update this website with new information as soon as it is available. Please contact us by email if you have any questions.